"By Royal ReQuest"

The Queen of England's Crown Jewels have been stolen. But by who? And where have they been taken? Join our dancers for an epic, exciting journey around the world where three Secret Agents attempt to fulfill the Queen's request and rescue and return the jewels.


End of year showcase and awards

A selection of dancing treats for you to enjoy!



Forget about your bills, fees and debts and take a chance to relax. Advance to the theatre to delve into a community chest of all things Monopoly. Roll the dice and enjoy dancing through the streets of London.


"Leaping Beyond"

An epic tale of kidnap, adventure, space oddities and dancing food! Featuring students from age 3 to 300!


"Merry Chaos"

Santa is snoozing and the Grinch is on the loose. Who can restore some calmness from this Christmas chaos?


"A Night At the Movies"

Dances from all your favourite movies. We'll have you grooving in your seats.


"Dance Through the Decades"

Leaping Lizards very first showcase! Join us as we dance our way from the 1960's to now!