Established in 2012 Leaping Lizards has grown and developed to become Wellington's leading recreational dance school, operating in 3 different locations. We offer classes in multiple dance genres, to suit all age ranges and have three performance groups that entertain the crowds at local events and compete in competitions. This is a huge transformation from those first weeks in 2012 when Lorna hopefully sat in a classroom area of Amesbury school, (the construction of the community hall hadn't even been completed then!), waiting for students to walk through the door. Now our classes are buzzing with excited, energetic students who dance their way in, around and out of our wonderful locations.

At Leaping Lizards we do not offer exams or stick to a set syllabus. This means we can plan our lessons to suit each group, there is no stress about passing an exam or attaining perfection and the classes are never dull or boring! Our teachers are creative and innovative and offer the best tuition with their up to date, original lesson plans. Leaping Lizards gives children a strong, fundamental dance technique but focuses on the love and joy of dance and movement.

The highlight of the Leaping Lizards calendar is the yearly show. Biannually we have a big, elaborate production, with full costume, set and props, of an original entertaining show devised and produced by our director Lorna Rosevear. Other years we entertain family members with a smaller, more intimate showcase and awards night which is a great, relaxed way to allow the children a chance to show off what they can do.

Throughout the year there are opportunities for dancers to get involved in special events such as dance workshops, the school disco, dress up days and the Johnsonville Christmas Parade.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Leaping Lizards family.