Can any child attend a Leaping Lizards dance class?
Yes! Leaping Lizards caters for 2 years and upwards, girls and boys and we even have a specialised class for children with special needs ,"Rising Above".
Is previous dance experience necessary and how do I know which class my child will prefer?
No previous experience is required but please contact Lorna for advice as to which class will suit your child best. All classes are designed to be fun, as well as cover fundamental dance technique and children find the moves get easier with practice.  Trial classes are free so your child can try them out before you commit to a term.
How much are the classes?
The cost depends on the class duration. Please see our pricing page for details.
All classes are paid in advance for the term.
You will receive an invoice to pay internet banking. All prices include GST.
Are there any discounts available?
Yes, there is a sibling discount available.
Is there a uniform?
There is a uniform for the following classes:
Hip Hop - Leaping Lizards uniform T-shirt. Black leggings, trousers or shorts. Bare feet, non-marking sneakers or Jazz shoes.
Contemporary, Jazz and Tap - Leaping Lizards uniform T-shirt. Black leggings for girls. Trousers or shorts for boys. Bare feet for Contemporary, Jazz shoes for Jazz classes, Tap shoes for Tap classes.
Ballet - Leaping Lizards uniform Ballet dress or shorts and leotard for boys and Ballet shoes. Ballet tights and Ballet socks are optional.
Where does my child get a Leaping Lizards T-Shirt or Ballet Dress from?
Once your child has decided they would like to join Leaping Lizards School of Dance you can order a T-shirt or Ballet Dress through Lorna. These are different colours depending on the age group e.g. the 6-7 years Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary group are red. The 11 years plus Ballet group are black. You are asked to purchase the uniform within the term your child joins the school.
Does my child need Ballet, Jazz or Tap shoes for their first class?
No. Students are welcome to try out the classes first before investing in dance shoes. For Jazz and Ballet classes bare feet are best and for Tap, sneakers will be fine.
We understand that dance shoes can be expensive. Therefore, students may dance without the correct shoes for up to one term to give them time to know the class is right for them.
Where can I get Ballet, Jazz and Tap shoes?
You can order your dance shoes through Leaping Lizards for a much lower price than you will pay at a dance store. Ask Lorna for more details. We also have a Facebook resource group where you can buy and sell second hand dance items. Access to this is available to parents of enrolled Leaping Lizard students only.
How many students per class?
Class sizes generally depend on the style of dance and the age of the dancers. Our classes are typically anywhere from 8-20 students per class.
Is there an opportunity to perform?
Yes. Leaping Lizards School of Dance puts on a yearly recital or showcase. This brings all the dance classes together in a fun, energetic show.
There are also Jazz troupes and Hip Hop crews associated with the school who compete in competitions and entertain crowds at local events. Involvement in these groups is by invitation only and members must also regularly attend Leaping Lizards dance classes.
Is it okay to take dance classes but not perform in the end of year show?
There is absolutely no pressure to be involved in the annual show (although it is a lot of fun!). Dancers are welcome to continue with classes throughout show term even if they do not wish to be in the show.
Can parents watch their child's class?
Parents may watch their child's first class. After that parents are asked to either drop children off or wait in the designated area. We do, however, understand that all children are different and we work with you to make this happen.  Half-way through the term and at the end of the term you will receive an invitation to a parental viewing session where you can come and watch what we have been working on :-)