Baby Ballerinas:
A creative introduction to Ballet for two and three year olds. Whilst they will start to learn the foundations of Ballet the class is informal and fun. Dancers can dress the part as much as they like by choosing their own Ballerina outfit!
Not only will children learn the foundation and technique behind the beautiful art of Ballet they will also develop the grace and poise of a Ballerina. The class is set to traditional Classical music, following the traditional structure of barre, centre and corner work.
Bop & Hop:
A fun, lively and energetic class using dance songs and games to develop coordination, rhythm and movement. A great way to introduce little ones to the dance studio environment.
Creative Dance:
A class for little ones to explore dance, movement, rhythm and creativity. Our dedicated teacher will take your children on a creative journey each and every lesson :-)
Cool moves to cool tunes. The most popular form of dancing at the moment! Hip Hop dance can be seen on many music videos and all over Tik Tok!
Hip Hop Crew and Jazz Troupe:
These classes are for our more serious, dedicated, committed dancers. The Crew and Troupe give dancers an opportunity to compete and perform regularly. Conditions apply and acceptance into the groups is by audition or invitation only.
Jazz dance develops coordination, strength, posture and creativity. Kids will learn how to leap, spin and kick, all to their favourite pop songs. Jazz dance can be seen in many theatre shows, music videos and at holiday resorts.
A beautiful hybrid of Ballet & Jazz. Lyrical dance tends to be slower and more controlled which gives it it's emotional quality and develops grace, poise and strength within the dancer.
Solo, Duos, Trios and Private Lessons:
These classes are offered for our more serious, dedicated and committed dancers. Private lessons and choreography competition for solos, duos & trios are offered in Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Tap. Times to suit, extra charges apply.
Kids will love making noise with their feet! Our fun Tap classes teach traditional Tap steps that develop rhythm, coordination and challenge the brain!
Toddlers in Tutus:
A creative introduction to Ballet for four and five-year olds. Whilst they will start to learn the foundations and technique of Ballet the class is informal, fun and creative. Dancers can choose their own Ballerina outfit so they can dress the part as much as they like!